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Why do we make FUN of others?

Why do we make FUN of others?

Today I am I would like to share something very valuable as Why do people make fun of others?


Last week, I went to Star Bucks to have valuable time with friends, the moment I entered found a group of couples were laughing and making fun of someone and moment later seems to be that they were talking but politics too.


Sometimes people make fun of others for a purpose that is different than just making people laugh. People who make fun of others actually they are weak or would be in  jealousy, feelings of inferiority or the desire to get revenge.


How to face with those who makes fun of you?


If there is someone making fun of you it might makes u extremely angry or reply back shouting at the person or telling that he/she does not have the rights to do so it would make you looks unstable?




Never defend yourself:


If someone made fun of your dressing you should never defend your position by trying to explain why the dressing looks that way because by doing so you are telling him that you agree with his opinion!!


Sting strongly like a bee: 


If you replied back immediately and right away this person will think twice before attempting to make fun of you once again. Your reply should focus on attacking the person and not on defending yourself. For example if he/she made fun of your dressing make fun of his/her shoes or trousers right away.


Shock bomb: 


If you pointed to someone indirectly that he/she is doing a certain behavior out of jealousy he/she will try to not do that action again. For example if someone made fun of you in front of others you could reply saying (respect is earned man, you can’t force those people to respect you by trying to make fun of someone else in front of them).


Leave right after the strike: Usually when the person recovers from your attack he will become eager to reply back once again that’s why the best thing you can do is to leave right after replying successfully. By doing so you will make sure that this person would be feeling defeated until your next meeting


Make a reminder: 

if you returned back a week later after making a successful strike then the person tried to make fun of you once again reply saying "oh my God, I can't believe that you are still pissed off since last time ,Didn’t knew I hurt you that much, sorry.





You have to stop those who try to make fun of you or others but in the same You do your best not to make fun of anybody and to forgive people but because the world has some mean people who can make fun of you in a bad way it’s good to learn these skills just to be able to defend yourself whenever needed.
time you shouldn't use any of these tips against harmless people. 


But don't use this information to attack close friends or peaceful people but use it with those who deserve it.


From today make a decision to keep yourself calm and use wisely those tips and I guarantee you that you will find yourself different.


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